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i’m ready for spring

gather me in your palms and dust pollen underneath my eyes. spring grabs you by the feet; yawning buds stretching, the sun peaking from beneath a heavy cloud, and the earth, the earth is soggy and springy and green, and laughing. i'm ready for spring, for change, for me to take flight, for me to ...


heavy with words, but light from plight, dash away the tears because everything will eventually be set right. a rib cage cracked open, woven fingers and slices that taste like dizzy wine, bite down and scream. eternity bleeds from your eyes, immortal, the earth is your kingdom. command the clouds to weep. the earth to ...

winter’s grip

winter’s grip is reluctant to let go; a middle child abandoned by spring and fall, winter tears melt on the cheek of summer children and splatter their icy kisses on a bank of fresh snow❄️


dragon-lime and dazed galaxies, i was host to a billion stars; i only needed to reach up to wipe the stardust from your eyes. scales as lovely as a fresh fountain of grotesque dreams, i only need to lean over and be reminded that my favorite color is dragon-lime green.

green memories

green memories disappear underneath the leaves of time. pale-limbs and pretty boys who whistle in rhyme, i found peace, eventually. i found clarity while unearthing secrets bound in twine.✨

i wish

i wish you could see that i understand that there is more to life than pleasantries. you shy from me; i am a crackling fire, if you were to lean over, would you welcome my flames? im falling for you, but will you flee and leave?🌲

the silence of the trees

the silence of the trees, wise and foreign to a flower like me. i use to trace my fingers across the bark, witchy stories and hard truths rough against my skin, i allowed the language of the trees to overwhelm me🌲 @amateur__poet


submerged in my dreams, I am lost within an ephemeral fantasy. phantom kisses on my neck, I still sit under the tree, where we first meet. You have gone overseas, leaving me for girls with wide hips and lips stung by bees. But in my heart, you shall stay, even when you promised to meet ...

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