Daydreamer is out!

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taking-things-into-perspective: in the midst of the chaos that is my mind, revelation has come barging through and i am lost in the whirlwind of the truths that have been disguised as lies. i was once broken: a tragic thing with a shattered wing, i sang within my gilded cage “just like pretty birdies should.” my words were barren,… Continue reading taking-things-into-perspective:

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When our lips met, Instead of euphoria I felt more empty than ever conceivable. A hollowed-out husk, my mind wanders as my body remains in play. Detached as you conquer and caress, I cannot remember when I truly felt OK. Passion has become diluted, estrange as you demand for more. My misery is overcome by your… Continue reading void-less

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Impossible, improbable

Impossible, improbable the taste of your lips draw me in even when your harsh words cut deep. Red-hazed passion mixing with a riveting blue spills from my tearducks, in the shape of fractured stars. My pink tongue tastes salt even when I catch your lust-glazed eyes. Pink flesh whetted by crimson, a macabre painting stained by… Continue reading Impossible, improbable

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I dream of a man–

I dream of a man shrouded by shadows; am I not a victim of desire, wanton for a man fashioned in nightmares? I am only mortal yet my choices tests my red blood sweetened by apples and poisoned by eyes led astray. I try to lead a life brightened by sun rays and happy, go-lucky… Continue reading I dream of a man–