taking-things-into-perspective: in the midst of the chaos that is my mind, revelation has come barging through and i am lost in the whirlwind of the truths that have been disguised as lies. i was once broken: a tragic thing with a shattered wing, i sang within my gilded cage “just like pretty birdies should.” my words were barren,… Continue reading taking-things-into-perspective:

Poetry, Romantic, Thoughtful

She loves him

She loves him, I can see it in her gray-blue eyes. A blush rushes To her freckled cheeks Even on the cloudiest of days. Her heartbeat aflutter Eyes lit with wonder, summer day’s have never been so kind. passionate loving, secrets shared through lips. Why do I have to be The one tell her the… Continue reading She loves him

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When our lips met, Instead of euphoria I felt more empty than ever conceivable. A hollowed-out husk, my mind wanders as my body remains in play. Detached as you conquer and caress, I cannot remember when I truly felt OK. Passion has become diluted, estrange as you demand for more. My misery is overcome by your… Continue reading void-less

Poetry, Thoughtful

Impossible, improbable

Impossible, improbable the taste of your lips draw me in even when your harsh words cut deep. Red-hazed passion mixing with a riveting blue spills from my tearducks, in the shape of fractured stars. My pink tongue tastes salt even when I catch your lust-glazed eyes. Pink flesh whetted by crimson, a macabre painting stained by… Continue reading Impossible, improbable

Midnight thoughts, Poetry, Thoughtful

I dream of a man–

I dream of a man shrouded by shadows; am I not a victim of desire, wanton for a man fashioned in nightmares? I am only mortal yet my choices tests my red blood sweetened by apples and poisoned by eyes led astray. I try to lead a life brightened by sun rays and happy, go-lucky… Continue reading I dream of a man–

Short Poem, Thoughtful

Death by Fire

I am the fury that burns through your veins, I am the shadow that chases you, the smog shielding your eyes cannot protect you from the truth. The truth is you are unworthy; unworthy of your first breath, the exhilarating flutter of your heartbeat, and the shivering hope of your soul that makes you uniquely weak.… Continue reading Death by Fire