New edition avaliable

Hi there! I have been working on making a new edition for inflorescence and it is finally available. It's a little smaller and cheaper ❤   Click the link below:

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summertime sadness

I will never apologize for being too strong, too outspoken, too bright in a world that swallows lies and humbly accepts the darkness. no, not when ive crawled to the top. no longer will i be on my knees, no longer will i beg. because i never want to suffer such betrayal again.… Continue reading summertime sadness


Punta Cana-Dominican Republic Trip 2017

Where do I start? I had a blast! The weather could have not been more perfect, the sights were breathtaking, the food and drinks were extremely tasty, and I recommend the Dominican Republic to anyone who wants sand, surf, and adventure. Melia Caribe Tropical All-inclusive  In my opinion, all-inclusive is the way to go! They… Continue reading Punta Cana-Dominican Republic Trip 2017

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The Reluctance of Seasons

Droplets of rain, falling from the sky in uniform ease, Spring unearths from the soil, green coils of stems straining for the predisposed light, mouth gaping and hungry for air tinged with smog and disappointments. Rainy days are no longer the same, since I choose to save my sanity; lonely afternoons hysteria crawling up my… Continue reading The Reluctance of Seasons


The Fickleness of Summer

Summer fickleness; turbulent currents ocean spray; brine tickling my nose soft sand crunching beneath my bare toes; dodging glass and cigarette butts sun glistening on my exposed skin; revealing imperfection to malicious eyes. Summer's festinate breeze cools the passion, the hurried love, bringing forth death and decay, washing away the smiles and tanning oil. Here… Continue reading The Fickleness of Summer