Narrative, Poetry, Short Story/Prose

the lock

you promised to meet me here, by the pier, alongside the dying trees, and across the dancing leaves that drift off the ledge, and plunge with a whistle and scream. elated, i waited: may he be tender, may he be sweet, may the young man come to me, and sweep me off my feet. daunted… Continue reading the lock

Poetry, writing


  <landlocked> She was a girl| landlocked| to his desires| she set herself free| set aflame to his chains| a phoenix reborn| she flew up into the sky| painting the sky red and orange| her flames raining down like raindrops| her joy staining the horizon| like ashes|   @amateur_poet

Poetry, Romantic

stained yellow walls

stained yellow walls remind me of him. he crashes through my walls whenever he smiles. when he hearts me the most, i jumble my words. actions speak louder and common sense fades from my fingertips like a spector. intelligence is a fruit that dribbles juice from its stem. a green liquid that stains and splashes… Continue reading stained yellow walls

Poetry, Short Story/Prose

the weight of fate

A girl with dandelions interwoven through her braids beams a smile untouched by the bitter decay of age. Wisdom is a stage we all crave yet when she closes her eyes, the sunlight never tasted so sweet on her beestung lips. A gentle breeze carrying the teasing spray of brine and the nostalgic scent of… Continue reading the weight of fate