I declare war on the stars who continue to plague me with answers to questions without margins. Do the celestial beings way up above pity us mortals whose wings were clipped eons ago? downcast and reticent, I withdraw with each phase of the moon– my righteous anger boiling past boiling point. Does the moon… Continue reading Stellification


Starry sky

To crave a body bound by flesh Is to be a fool, a gamble, a Starry sky, lacking its luminescence; the comfort cape of night, the forgiving hands of twilight, and the lover’s kiss of starlight. When you told me I was beautiful, I couldn't help but wonder What drew you in- Was it the… Continue reading Starry sky


The Star-Touched Queen Review

The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi SPOILERS FOR DAYZ Goodreads Review   Do not hate me but I am not of one the probably millions of people who loved this book. I have my reasons so bear with me. I did like this book; I loved the mythology element to the book and Chokshi is… Continue reading The Star-Touched Queen Review

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Before the Stars

A spiraling nebula, unfurling, blooming magentas and daunting cyans- A tale of intergalactic passion, lusty voyages, rugged advances, Star-crossed loves; before the stars, a green girl with A brush of stardust in her eyes And lies, fragrant and heavy on each and every taste bud. Lies were her weapon, naivety her choice of drug- Passionless murmurs,… Continue reading Before the Stars