i retired from the earth

i retired from the earth and now i look to the stars: sole audience to my strife, i weep with a clap of thunder, lightening strikes to catch the first tear, and i dance with the moon until I am dizzy because the truth is here.  



but in the moonlight, I appear to be godly, lovely; otherworldly, touched with fantasy. but in the sunlight, I appear to be god-touched, blooming, immortal. drenched in a speckled shower of falling stars, the darkness is chased away by the unfurling, healing rays of light. the murky cape of twirling cosmos once burdoned my shoulders, until… Continue reading moonlight/sunlight

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Before the Stars

A spiraling nebula, unfurling, blooming magentas and daunting cyans- A tale of intergalactic passion, lusty voyages, rugged advances, Star-crossed loves; before the stars, a green girl with A brush of stardust in her eyes And lies, fragrant and heavy on each and every taste bud. Lies were her weapon, naivety her choice of drug- Passionless murmurs,… Continue reading Before the Stars