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music thrums through you–

you are magic; never doubt the cadence of your heart's song ❤️❤️   @amateur_poet Advertisements

pink skies

pink skies are nice but have I told you how you have me captivated, with nothing but your eyes? 🌸 🌸🌸


<sunrise> When I'm with you, the sky looks so alive. A pocket of heaven before us and even then, I only need to look at you to see the sunrise. @amateur_poet

a runny egg

  <a runny egg> When the sun pierces the sky, Dawn leaking through like A runny egg, I wonder at the joy Of the bird who chooses to defy The grey and be the first to sing? @amateur_poet

The wind told her–

The wind told her to fly, The ocean told her to sing, The moon provided the stage, And the clouds gifted her with wings.

I refuse to apologize–

I refuse to apologize For being strong When it was only a few years ago That I prayed for This strength.


i hurry to part the clouds to witness the full glory of your beaming face.

splatter my love across your face;

splatter my love across your face; a bold declaration of love that smudges on me like paint; a masterpiece that transcends through contemporary fashion and monotheistic dogma, i am the colors that lead will you to insanity.

dripping in bliss

dripping in bliss, she dances with no music yet never misses a beat. her body intertwines with his, tangled in memories that taste bittersweet.

I taste misery on your lips–

I taste misery on your lips but I willingly reach up to swallow more of your despair. We are in this fight together, You and I will reach Nirvana together. Braving the storms of euphoria, I cry your name even when you shun me away. I cling to you even as we tear each other ...

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