Whisper of the Tide (Song of the Current #2) Review

Whisper of the Tide (Song of the Current #2) by, Sarah Tolcser Rating:   SPOILERS FOR DAYZZZZZ Read More Reviews!!! Goodreads summary:   Caro Oresteia spent her life waiting to be called by the river god, as those in her family had been for generations. But when she’s swept away on an adventure to save the… Continue reading Whisper of the Tide (Song of the Current #2) Review


like a ripple of waves

she comes when i call her. like a ripple of waves, she returns on schedule. a cycle of hate and love, she brushes my cheek with the same hand that slapped me. the crash of waves sting but the tickle of ocean spray reminds me that your ire fluctuates like the faces of the moon.

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eyes that reflect the open sea–

A crashing wave fractures, splinters, bleeds a kaleidoscope of colors– a rich, poignant, dye– staining the ocean floor with myriad shades and florescent pigments– beguiling tanzanite, masteful cyan, and the pulsing heart of a ruby. An image forms, fluctuates as the sea parts into two. The lonely sailor, sunburnt and knobbed kneed, laments the Lord’s… Continue reading eyes that reflect the open sea–

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The Dead Sea

Crashing waves smell of brine and lost legends, mermaid tails and selkie skins, fevered voyages, pirate's booty–bearded men and women with gold teeth and jewels on their mind, harrowing adventures, navigators with sunburnt skin, drunk on the wine of the ancient souls that watch from below–trip as they follow–eyes narrowing on the X–bones rise from… Continue reading The Dead Sea