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you decayed, slowly. dripping all over my window-still, you lingered. i should have shown you mercy; you drooped, you wept, i watched idly, i dreamed breathlessly. i never knew, the exact time of your death...🌙🌸 @amateur_poet   {check out MORE} https://www.instagram.com/p/BZuQIVAhvcS/?taken-by=amateur__poet Advertisements

chapped lips

chapped lips were meant to peel. pull back the skin, and let the pink be revealed. Advertisements


<heaven-sent> we dance around the subject, so misguidedly. you want me, i want you, i want to rest my thighs over your face and watch as you lap my at my secrets like a drowning man. i want you to take me without abandon, hair pulling, as you choke me without any hands. prowling through ...

are you man enough?

  <are you man enough?> you claim you can handle me; the heat, that burns my eyes, the thighs that takes up pauses, the way my breasts draw you closer like a flame; you want to devour me, is this true? you want to lick up all of my secrets because this is what you ...

conversation and connection

<conversation and connections> We don't say much when we are together; the world could collapse around us,
the stars could fall like raindrops, and the moon could pierce the sun and even then, 
golden silence, has become a silver lining in my noisy heart.
Who could have known that the less said, says the most? 
Who ...


It's a give and take world Where what-ifs and maybe's Plunder without afterthought. We push and pull from those Who smile and decay: our seeds Quiver before shooting out Like falling stars. The grass Is stained in a dollop of honeysuckle And dew, is it remiss to lean Down and take a sip? If you ...

give and take

  the rock and sway of the boat beneath my feet, i feel like i am stick in place, a trunk to my lovely tree. the earth dances as i remain frozen; she dances as if her feet were on fire. he chases tears down with barley leaves and fermented herbs, he swallows even when ...

falling in love

She may taste like sunshine, But I taste like thunderstorms. I whet the tongue With flavors that fall from my lips Like rain drops. The spritz Of coconut drives you insane. Tropical love, the press of heat On your neck, I rub ocean spray Up and down my thighs. Cocoa butter Kneaded into my skin, ...


I once trusted you to shield me from the storm: the unrelenting chaos that is my psyche. You failed. You retracted your talons and took off. A lone wolf, a kamikaze solider in the Congo fog of night, you surrendered my trust and left me to wither and die. I called out to you; my ...

ice cream

our love is like ice cream: you give me your all but it eventually melts– messily, dripping on my skin until it's rough and sticky. Advertisements

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