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I am solid yet also transparent. a goddess born free from mortal desires, i drip with godliness and i am sustained by your adoration. I am the wind that tastes like stars, I am the crushed rose petals That stain your skin like ashes, I am the voice plaguing your thoughts Like an ocean without… Continue reading goddess



Chosen to love you. The elements have forewarned us Of the battles ahead, The walls that will tear, When I shed my last tear. I have braved the front lines, for you. A Glock to my head, I bit the bullet, for you. 2 bullets left in the chamber, 10 seconds left before time runs… Continue reading Chosen

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A blip in time

I stretched my neck until it protested and creaked, the cars slipping and honking by As I teetered from a perch up way high. The silhouette of bodies entwined caught my eye as I hesitated–paused before I dived. An androgynous blob embracing under the moonlight, their shadows vague and disconcerting reflected in the bleak river… Continue reading A blip in time

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The Messenger

From the heavens, A messenger springs true. An eager volunteer, the droplet plummets valiantly, a whistle of wind before impact. –splash drip, drop may you never hope to reach the inner depths of my mind. Front and center, A scene of great tragedy and anticipation blinds my eyes. A body coated in rainwater, rivets my… Continue reading The Messenger

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i blindly follow

  you used to be my tender mornings  my twinkling nights, my shy, tentative kisses and rough foreplay turning into midnight. soaked, drenched sheets must remind you of me. my pretty smile must have drove you insane, but weren’t you to blame? leading me with your love i blindly follow, trust bound across my throat, tightly-gripped,… Continue reading i blindly follow

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In a state of bliss

The press of our lips leaves me in a state of bliss; rapture at the tip of my tongue, your wrongdoings and hesitancy can easily be remiss. right or wrong the truth may not matter in the face of your betrayal, yet I ponder, “Where was your mind–heavens-sent or kissed by hellfire– when you gave… Continue reading In a state of bliss

Poetry, Romantic, Short Poem, Thoughtful

Rigor Mortis

Haunting and whimsical the drooping state of rigor mortis has stolen the nectar from my flowers; leaving the bouquet in a state of prolonging misery. The numbing bite of melancholy; a poignant reminder of my idle neglect; A mature endeavor collapsed by mutual disrespect. Like a photo I hold dear, I will cherish the times where we were… Continue reading Rigor Mortis