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You smell of sunshine, even when there is rain

You smell of sunshine even when there is rain. I know our love will bloom– this love we share will never abide. To erase such a bond would be a sin– a smite on this world, a Plague’s dark hand suffocating as it promises revival. The taste of passion haunts me when you are away,… Continue reading You smell of sunshine, even when there is rain

horror, otherworldly

She is wicked, wicked, wicked–

She is wicked, wicked, wicked– a crone desperate for the smoothness of youth, a rounded, maiden craving the tang of lust, and a doe-eyed child who cackles alone in the dark. When she emerges from ash wolfbane dripping from her sickle-pale flesh, she will muddle the minds of men, so their shrewish wives will never question, why… Continue reading She is wicked, wicked, wicked–

Short Poem, Thoughtful

Death by Fire

I am the fury that burns through your veins, I am the shadow that chases you, the smog shielding your eyes cannot protect you from the truth. The truth is you are unworthy; unworthy of your first breath, the exhilarating flutter of your heartbeat, and the shivering hope of your soul that makes you uniquely weak.… Continue reading Death by Fire

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A Garden for the Meticulous

A Garden for the Meticulous, the weirdos who like their things stacked one by one, numbered and labeled, cleaned, bleached, steamed, folded all in the right, proper places. I have waited centuries for the flowers to bloom in accordance to your desires. To fancy a beast, a garden, sedulously and scrupulously bred for your peace of… Continue reading A Garden for the Meticulous

Poetry, Thoughtful

The Reluctance of Seasons

Droplets of rain, falling from the sky in uniform ease, Spring unearths from the soil, green coils of stems straining for the predisposed light, mouth gaping and hungry for air tinged with smog and disappointments. Rainy days are no longer the same, since I choose to save my sanity; lonely afternoons hysteria crawling up my… Continue reading The Reluctance of Seasons