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Mother’s Day

May they remember your kindness Because your love is faultless; Tangible and misunderstood, Your love will transcend Through Time, waves of Compassion and genuinity . My children will be blessed With your blue eyes And capability to love- Advertisements


A riddle–

I am a being spun from silk, softer than a cape made of tulle, the mortal wingspan of gossamer wings– I am the whisper-soft web of lies, spun by predatoiral hands, kissed with a spray of poison. My purpose is to idly stand by, strung up high, made a tool to your derision. I am ...


Death by Fire

I am the fury that burns through your veins, I am the shadow that chases you, the smog shielding your eyes cannot protect you from the truth. The truth is you are unworthy; unworthy of your first breath, the exhilarating flutter of your heartbeat, and the shivering hope of your soul that makes you uniquely weak. ...


Spring Fever

The Sun hitting ur face, the pure warmth, orange across ur eyelids, your skin buzzing with life. Spring has come, poking its green head from the ashes. A caress, a reassurance that you are loved; A gentle hold when the darkest cold has taken hold. A sunburst kiss, that chastises, smarts with itchy reverence. A beacon ...

A Garden for the Meticulous

A Garden for the Meticulous, the weirdos who like their things stacked one by one, numbered and labeled, cleaned, bleached, steamed, folded all in the right, proper places. I have waited centuries for the flowers to bloom in accordance to your desires. To fancy a beast, a garden, sedulously and scrupulously bred for your peace of ...


Flamingo pink

Flamingo pink, rosette ruffled feathers scattered over my white duvet, delicacies on decadence, burn pink patches in its wake, is it too late to say–


The Reluctance of Seasons

Droplets of rain, falling from the sky in uniform ease, Spring unearths from the soil, green coils of stems straining for the predisposed light, mouth gaping and hungry for air tinged with smog and disappointments. Rainy days are no longer the same, since I choose to save my sanity; lonely afternoons hysteria crawling up my ...


Boring Girls

Boring girls, tell pretty lies. Manipulated-bated breath, I can only follow along, dragged behind their sashayed swaggers. Crystalline eyes follow me, fractured and broken, her eyes reflect a pond frozen-over, the temptation to take a step, driving me mad. A contorted "smile", that creaked and wrinkled to my untrained eyes, tinkling, nauseating "laughter" that made ...


I can still taste you on my lips–

I can still taste you on my lips– rapture at the tip of my tongue, plauged by dreams of you, I can only swallow– reminiscing as I burn.


Stay Weird

I wrote this a few months ago while I was having an anti-social media stage lol Keep your true self hidden, They are not prepared for the the truth- The truth that you are unique and different, A comet taking her own course. You must hide until it's time, You will know when, when you ...

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