you were nothing

you were spurned by my fire. you retaliated. you failed. you claim victimhood, trail and error, you were a boy playing a very manly game. you came to me with eyes golden and words silver. you nibbled words into my ear like the rest; sitting back with unfurling petals sprinkled across my back, i spurned… Continue reading you were nothing

Poetry, thoughts


i use to live off of the scraps he once gave me. i was emaciated. skeletal. i needed more than meager compliments and sparse commitments. i am full now. i am curvy. i am finally healthy. never again will i ever accept scraps when I have a Queen's appetite❤️❤️💕 @amateur__poet 

conversations with him

conversations with him: 0.05

my first thought is you, when I open my eyes, alone in my bed. when you fuck her, I pray for your health, wrapped in my frustrations and jealousy, alone in my bed. It used to ache, the pain but I've learned how to live with it, bleeding profusely from a wound that has me… Continue reading conversations with him: 0.05



<violetta>   violently radiant, radiantly violet. a bundle of charm, ubiquitously abloom. i am drowning in colors, i lack luster, I am bare before the full moon... you smothered me with kisses of blueberry and pomegranate. I licked my lips clean, my palate expanded, my world blushing with paint and skies bruised like indigo... ✨… Continue reading violetta