i am ready to start over

ive finally found clarity... this new, alien feeling, i will treat it as if is it was a fledging tree. i will be tender with its root and I will sit back and watch with unparalleled awe at what i accomplished. green-thumb, green eyes darken to a lovely amber, i am ready to start over… Continue reading i am ready to start over


i retired from the earth

i retired from the earth and now i look to the stars: sole audience to my strife, i weep with a clap of thunder, lightening strikes to catch the first tear, and i dance with the moon until I am dizzy because the truth is here.  

Poems Based on Flowers, Poetry


things are not what they seem; tangled roots and spirally stems, boast a bouquet of blossoms so harmless, they are scary. tread carefully, whispers the leaves, watchful and aimless, each blade of grass trembles at my mane of yellow petals and sweet- tasting rain. i am everlasting, i am forgotten in place of cheaper names,… Continue reading buttercup


i had to become less, to become more

i had to digress to progress. i had to become less, to become more. i suffered alone to allow others to see my growth. i shine brighter, to make up for the times i cried even harder. i became me; from the cocoon I sprouted wings dancing in glitter. in times of insanity, i grew… Continue reading i had to become less, to become more

inflorescence, night-bloomer, Poetry


The proofs are here😩 will be released by the end of may💕 My second poetry book night-bloomer is finished and now the editing process and final arrangements begin. in the meantime, check out my first book inflorescence! Click the link 🌸 My new installment is going to be dark, lush, and sexy! can’t wait to release… Continue reading night-bloomer


in a jungle of few

thrust into the waves; a baby sea turtle shouldn’t have to be so brave. to backstroke through the city streets: it made me lean, indifferently mean, made me miss green sleeves and citrus trees. i shout on walls, i cry on cement, my canvas is anyone impatient enough to listen. i dodge yellow beasts and… Continue reading in a jungle of few


maiden of flowers

you split the earth apart, just to capture my heart. persephone, maiden of flowers, maiden of dewy thighs, and rounded breasts, you were rich of land but poor of company, duty-bound but smitten. sprouting from the earth, they call me damsel instead of bringer of life, harbinger of men. reluctant instead of queen, but i… Continue reading maiden of flowers


without warning

why does falling out of love, imply reluctance? something sudden, without warning? a force instead of reason, action instead of neglect? maybe we romanticize falling out of love-deem it tragic instead of something that just happens? should it be something we revisit?   https://www.instagram.com/p/BhxKw-jnVlR/?taken-by=amateur__poet