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heavy with words, but light from plight, dash away the tears because everything will eventually be set right. a rib cage cracked open, woven fingers and slices that taste like dizzy wine, bite down and scream. eternity bleeds from your eyes, immortal, the earth is your kingdom. command the clouds to weep. the earth to ...

winter’s grip

winter’s grip is reluctant to let go; a middle child abandoned by spring and fall, winter tears melt on the cheek of summer children and splatter their icy kisses on a bank of fresh snow❄️ Advertisements

you woke something inside of me

you woke something inside of me; something slumbering beneath a cloak of my own insecurities and doubts. such trivial sights were once mundane and pedestrian but now, now i take pause and contemplate everything around me. stories can be woven in every being, every element, every damning breeze: you have corrupted me. you opened my ...

maybe if i

maybe if i lived in a city where leaves never expire and the waters tremble and sigh, maybe i would always find solstice knowing that every day will be the same. paradise should sound appealing but isn’t strife what births my creative might? would i be able to write so hauntingly, so real, so open ...

i just

i’ve stopped dreaming about/ looking out for you in the crowd. the clouds; i don’t count the stars between us anymore; i just count, i just dream, i just aspire to become greater things without being entangled. you were a distraction-unhealthy and throbbing like a poison; ive found other passions, other men who know how ...


forgotten; distilled air, we flowers know despair by another name, another face, another boy who tends to a garden of games. alcaldes to the winner; does it matter what I have to say? tragedy known by the look of indifference on your pretty face. why do you claim a piece of my heart, carrying it ...

guide me

it was you who taught me to take my time and appreciate the beauty around us. can we capture lovely sights with mere mundane eyes? guide me; im ready to learn the secrets that have you shutting your eyes when the sunrises... Advertisements

like tea

you taste like tea to me; your scent splashes across my face, you’re too hot, but i can’t wait to savor you. you roll across my tongue, i linger on the bottom lip. you fill me up, warm and smooth down my throat, eyes dazed, smile lazy, ill finish you until your cold and spent. ...

something so…

there is just something so lovely about watching the snow fall and wishing you were sharing it with me. transcendent. magical. i can almost imagine you laughing, tickling, smiling with me. cuddling close, clothes off because it’s always warm when you are with me. hushed moans and damp hands because mom is home. there is ...


how did i find the 
strength to be used 
by you? wounded 
by a cycle that
 refuses to break,
i gave you a chance, 
no wait, three. three chances 
to prove that you were 
worthy of me. liar. 
you are now obsolete. 
what’s more tragic, that 
i forgave you or i 
expected you to reach 
up ...

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