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it hurts…

it hurts to hurt me, it hurts to hurt you, it hurts to watch you as I hurt me, it hurts to watch you realize why I hurt, why I hurt me, why it hurts so much that I want to scream....   @amateur_poet

Poetry, Short Poem


<Ravaged> He ravaged me; broke me until tears became constant, and smiles rarer with each phase of the moon. It hurt to bleed so heavily, so suddenly, so wholly. An open wound weeping, yet you continued to lie, to fuck me so selfishly, to take, to not ask if I was even okay... @amatuer_poet

Poetry, Romantic, Structured


It was remiss, how the taste Of you on my lips, drew me in, Drowned me in unending bliss. It should be unfair, how sweet You came to me; soft kisses That disappeared on my skin like mist, You licked my wounds like tears, Flowers petals appeared, where Pain whet like stabbing fears. you pushed,… Continue reading cauterize

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Pain, Love, Depression, and Joy

  “Everyone has written about pain; what makes it unique to you?” My pain is early, unbeknownst to my psyche until I became misinformed and mislead through others ambivalence. My pain levitates in the middle of two races. My pain is centuries long, my pain is past skin, hair, features, curves. My pain flickers and… Continue reading Pain, Love, Depression, and Joy

Midnight thoughts, Poetry, Thoughtful

A Fallacy

It’s not love if you feel empty inside, unworthy, ugly, undeserving, ashamed, a myriad of dark emotions that causes depression. a strain to your mental health, anxiety, fear, self-hatred, pain, a dreaded, heavy darkness that surpasses the loving, the kisses, the hand holding, the cuddling, the manipulated, rushed declarations of love, the love letters, the… Continue reading A Fallacy