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i suck at painting but…

i suck at painting but im starting to get better🤷🏽‍♀️ i was inspired while going through my edits🌸can’t wait to share with you all

Poetry, Romantic

weeping candles

she shivered when you left the door open. every whisper and snicker, kept her awake. she tossed and turned, crossed her legs and prayed. she thought of you, candles weeping in the late, she prayed for your wellbeing, your health, she prayed for strength; the candlelight, burned her hair, the scent carried like ripe dates.… Continue reading weeping candles

horror, otherworldly

She is wicked, wicked, wicked–

She is wicked, wicked, wicked– a crone desperate for the smoothness of youth, a rounded, maiden craving the tang of lust, and a doe-eyed child who cackles alone in the dark. When she emerges from ash wolfbane dripping from her sickle-pale flesh, she will muddle the minds of men, so their shrewish wives will never question, why… Continue reading She is wicked, wicked, wicked–