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The Beginning

*I have always been a fan of mythology and the stories and beliefs that it invokes. I wanted to add a Creation Story for the Rhageon people, who continue to believe in the old faith* ~REVISED~ ~Rhageon Creation Story: The Beginning~ In the beginning, the Earth was dark and lifeless. Empty and drifting in the ...

Gouged Passion

  It tempted me with its scent, Leading me by the nose, I grumbled But I went along to the tune that crazed my mind. A red, plump fruit Begging to be split open And its essence gouged, I took a sharp knife and spun The being in my hands- Strategizing the best way To ...

I desire her like no other,

I desire her like no other, she is like a lake– I wish to fully submerge myself in her clean waters. Flesh melting, dripping like droplets, I lap at her earthy essence, humidity clinging to my aching bones, seer-touched eyes and pouty lips drive me mad as I take from her– I bit into her, ...

The Promise of Bacchus

Murmur my name Each time you take a sip, Do not forget my story As you refill your glass And stumble along until your Unchaperoned death... I lost my way in the bottomless cups, Singing a merry tune, Whistling at the sharp tang, bewitching as it beguiles a daydreamer, enraptured by the faults of the ...

The Beginning

Flaxen hair with crushed Ice blue eyes, Like fallen snowflakes She descends from Valhalla With an inherent grace and speed. A Scandinavian beauty With a calm visage, like floating Decaying glaciers- She stood with a Viking's honor And Thor's pride and arrogance- A voyager who has lost her hurstwic Wandering and drifting as she Became ...

The Whispers of Myth

I prefer the men who dress dapper and glow with an urbane mien– with eyes like the Caribbean, Brown skin glistening from ocean sprays, Teeth white under a brimmed hat. Monthly vacations on the sea, A seafarers wife- is the life for me! A Greek boy with an idle, ancient tongue- A tragedy where passion ...

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by Christine Murray