a swollen moon

at the heart of a swollen moon, a luxury is found; a tax on the profound. fountains of pink skies and clouds that rip apart like butterfly wings, a paradise found at the center, a hell guised as a lover that will soon surrender. the silence of the aura lights, break the sky but even… Continue reading a swollen moon



but in the moonlight, I appear to be godly, lovely; otherworldly, touched with fantasy. but in the sunlight, I appear to be god-touched, blooming, immortal. drenched in a speckled shower of falling stars, the darkness is chased away by the unfurling, healing rays of light. the murky cape of twirling cosmos once burdoned my shoulders, until… Continue reading moonlight/sunlight

Poetry, Short Story/Prose

the weight of fate

A girl with dandelions interwoven through her braids beams a smile untouched by the bitter decay of age. Wisdom is a stage we all crave yet when she closes her eyes, the sunlight never tasted so sweet on her beestung lips. A gentle breeze carrying the teasing spray of brine and the nostalgic scent of… Continue reading the weight of fate