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your scent

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too shy

  too shy, you once whispered to me. too shy, you once kissed into my neck. too shy, you once bit into my lips. i was too shy for you; i opened my petals to you like a night bloomer. when the clock struck eight, i was yours to play with, yours to sate, yours… Continue reading too shy

Poetry, Romantic


It's a give and take world Where what-ifs and maybe's Plunder without afterthought. We push and pull from those Who smile and decay: our seeds Quiver before shooting out Like falling stars. The grass Is stained in a dollop of honeysuckle And dew, is it remiss to lean Down and take a sip? If you… Continue reading push-and-pull

Poetry, Romantic

The Taste of Lust

I have not tasted the clear, sweet, idle summer day’s waters, nor have I fell asleep in fretless slumber, my lover’s body entertained with mine, our brown, clean lines– bodies smooth and rittled with untampered pores, melding together as one. Despite the barrier of my pink, healthy gums, and straight white teeth, the murky, tasteless… Continue reading The Taste of Lust