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stop teaching girls to accept verbal abuse as affection

let’s stop teaching girls to accept verbal abusive as affection; there have been so many romance novels that i’ve read where the heroine falls for a guy who is cold and mistreats them and then the story proceeds with the heroine forgiving the guy because his past is troubled. are we women not also troubled ...

why do we–

she shied away because she was afraid of the fire kindling inside of her. terrified of letting her independence slip away, she gave up and took the first plane to an island with nothing but pink sands and white waves✨ Advertisements


  It hurts to be looked at like I'm nothing. As if I'm just an object That you can pick up and place In your shopping cart. It hurts To know the things going through Your mind are not safe. When you smirk And scoff, mock and jeer, Do you not understand The fear that grips ...

let me put your mind at ease…

if you cannot appreciate my magic, then leave. if you expect me to grovel for your love, your respect, your body, your sex, your smile, then i am not the woman for you. my light shines bright, blinds those who are unworthy of my gold daily, who are you to think you deserve more than your ...

my womb is not my own;

Like Eve, I fell, And like Lilith, I am punished. My womb is not my own; Pale hands caress and judge As I spread my thighs with my  own authorization; my womb is not my own; Pain wrecks havoc inside of me, I curl Up like the fetus inside me; my womb is not my ...

I am

in all honesty, i am a compassionate person; a woman, female born, society defined, I am all and I am nothing; I crave the rays of sunlight, i dance under the crescent petals of night, i shiver when the sky weeps, i cheer when the droplets twirl in the white sky; I am human, I ...

The curse of Patriarchy

Do you wish me to be as miserable as you? I am told me to be strong, independent, opinonated and proud yet you tell me to quiet down...why is that? Am I too strong for you? When you hunch over and hide your body to take up less space, I valiantly step forward, head thrown ...

Bad Feminist:Essays Review

Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay Rating: I had to read this book for my Women & Gender Studies class and I found it be both compellingly honest and startling relevant. Because it was an assignment, the chapters and sections are separated and individually speculated. Pink is my favorite color. I used to say my favorite ...


black is beautiful

melt my uniqueness away, perm my roots, and bleach my skin until no black remains– but don't they know, that my black is beautiful? Advertisements


A housewife’s plea

Don't you know what this awful, heartrending, heavy feeling is called?Empty, I am empty. A black hole seems almost limited to the expanse of my misery. Ambiguity and mystique seems almost the same to me; I, who am discarded in the drift of time, barely holding on, I rock and pray to a God who ...

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