Poetry, Romantic


I rush to bed, To dream of him. As I close my eyes, You await for me- Arms wide and smile dreamy. Our love is scripted, of course But my mind directs our lovemaking With a masters ease. You tease me with kisses But never truly deliver. I push you for more And more and… Continue reading Spectral

Midnight thoughts, Poetry, Thoughtful

I dream of a man–

I dream of a man shrouded by shadows; am I not a victim of desire, wanton for a man fashioned in nightmares? I am only mortal yet my choices tests my red blood sweetened by apples and poisoned by eyes led astray. I try to lead a life brightened by sun rays and happy, go-lucky… Continue reading I dream of a man–

Poetry, Thoughtful

The End of the World

My future lies out in front of me, A map work of stars That glitter and sparkle tauntingly- Different perilous routes, risky aspirations, hardened journeys awaiting for me, me, me- A pretty girl unrooted from The man-made earth- Gravity stalls and stunts my growth- My leaps falter as mountains crumble, Volcanos burp waste And the… Continue reading The End of the World