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i dream in colors–

i dream in colors– i bleed in reds and blues, i scream in purples and greens, i vomit in neon. my hair is brown, my skin is yellow, my veins are miles long, my stretch marks ripple down my hips like waves. we kiss like fireworks: he tastes like the fourth of july when he… Continue reading i dream in colors–

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These emotions inside of me Are demanding to be let out. When people ask me Bland and horrible things Like: "how are you" and My favorite, "are you okay", I wish I could express myself Without raging, I wish I could Express myself without breaking down And crying, I wish I could express myself Without… Continue reading grey

Poetry, Thoughtful

Live in Color

Brushes of paint, palettes smudged and abandoned to the stark, saccharine sun cannot white-out out the errors that overshadows the dulled of grays– gray, gray as an inopportune autumn day, a gloomy glaze hides the stubborn rays that pierces the thin, flimsy blanket of urban decay– fumes predominately repugnant stealthy as a New York cab… Continue reading Live in Color