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Underappreciated Albums: R & B Addition

There has been talk that there has been a rebirth of R&B and while I am EXCITED that there are so many new artists, it is unfortunate that in the rise of emerging new artists, that there are such amazing projects that I PERSONALLY believe go unnoticed. (emphasis that this is my opinion, not an… Continue reading Underappreciated Albums: R & B Addition



un•plugged; currently taking time to find inspiration; where will life take me next— what adventures await for me after my final transformation? summer, a time for self-discovery and ice cream cones melting; i won’t pick up a pen again if it doesn’t sounds authentic. its time to revel in L I F E and stop… Continue reading un•plugged

Chapters for My Book

The Beginning

I DO NOT HAVE AN EDITOR--There will be errors The Ancient Gods were once destroyers, going from planet to planet wrecking havoc. But their children were not born in the vaccum of space; they were born before the dazzling beauty of stars and constellations. They were daydreamers who did not want to destroy...but to create.… Continue reading The Beginning

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I put my daydreams on paper…

I put my daydreams on paper...