Poetry, Short Poem


<Ravaged> He ravaged me; broke me until tears became constant, and smiles rarer with each phase of the moon. It hurt to bleed so heavily, so suddenly, so wholly. An open wound weeping, yet you continued to lie, to fuck me so selfishly, to take, to not ask if I was even okay... @amatuer_poet


Reflective iv (unanswered)

<Reflective iv> (unanswered) [Why did you never look me in the eyes when you hurt me? Was it because when you did, you saw yourself through me? did you tremble? did the image of you, monstrous and ugly, keep you up at night? did you cry when you broke me; did you keep the shattered… Continue reading Reflective iv (unanswered)


Reflective iii (neglect)

  <Reflective iii> (neglect) He bled, heavily. I tried to fix it. He was broken beyond repair; touched by darkness, betrayed by family’s oversight, I wanted to be the one to hold your hand, hold your heart, and be the one you turned over to and talked all throughout midnight. But the blue hour shined… Continue reading Reflective iii (neglect)