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Underappreciated Albums: R & B Addition

There has been talk that there has been a rebirth of R&B and while I am EXCITED that there are so many new artists, it is unfortunate that in the rise of emerging new artists, that there are such amazing projects that I PERSONALLY believe go unnoticed. (emphasis that this is my opinion, not an… Continue reading Underappreciated Albums: R & B Addition


Lost and Found review In her lovely poetry collection Lost and Found, Ahmed comes full circle with her relationship with God–questioning his role in our lives, damning him, to understanding and accepting him and the lessons and hardships that go along with his guidance. A natural storyteller, Ahmed’s voice draws you in as you as she welcomes you… Continue reading Lost and Found review


night-bloomers Review — Words Unfiltered By S

“it’s the night-bloomers that shine so brightly against the backdrop of black and swaths of mystique. wound with layers of sensuality and dark passions, it’s the ones who tempt the boundaries of blasphemy in exchange of one pure, unadulterated breath, that stain the earth with desolation and broken olive branches.” night-bloomer is a dark and […]… Continue reading night-bloomers Review — Words Unfiltered By S



un•plugged; currently taking time to find inspiration; where will life take me next— what adventures await for me after my final transformation? summer, a time for self-discovery and ice cream cones melting; i won’t pick up a pen again if it doesn’t sounds authentic. its time to revel in L I F E and stop… Continue reading un•plugged

Chapters for My Book

The Beginning

I DO NOT HAVE AN EDITOR--There will be errors The Ancient Gods were once destroyers, going from planet to planet wrecking havoc. But their children were not born in the vaccum of space; they were born before the dazzling beauty of stars and constellations. They were daydreamers who did not want to destroy...but to create.… Continue reading The Beginning