The Four Kingdoms Duology (in-progress)


Hi! I have been working on this book for awhile now, I have finally finished 350 pages but I still have more to go. I would love some feedback, I will be posting a few chapters and the synopsis.

I have no editor so I will be updating and constantly editing!  If you have any questions or need any additional information, let me know!



The Four Kingdoms Duology:

A Kingdom Shadowed in Moonlight


The Exiled Island of the Fey


Mecca-Amirah Jackson


Princess of Mycea, Ana struggles to brave her physically and emotionally abusive past in the most beautiful country in the Four Kingdoms. Raised in a misogynistic world where her words are hushed and her beauty is her greatest asset, Ana is forced to marry the notorious Warlord of Rhageon when their two countries clash. But instead of falling silent, Ana learns how to channel her strength despite the odds and when faced with newfound adventure and stories of courageous heroes, she finally learns how to overcome her fears as she unearths truths and learns how to be an inspirational and formidable Queen.

Warlord of Rhageon, Torien has always known he was meant for greatness. Blessed by his patron goddess, Lyceria, Torien was born with hair the exact shade of moonlight, eyes silver like edge of the moon, and powers that set him apart from being human. When the King of Mycea challenges Rhageon into war, Torien is determined to protect his people, even if it means he loses parts of his humanity in the process. Gifted with new, destructive powers, Torien believes himself him prepared for the trails ahead but the gods prove to have more in store for him.



~A Kingdom Shadowed in Moonlight~

Rhageon Creation Story: The Beginning

Prologue: A Message

  1. She Who Expels the Light (Part 1 &  2)
  2. Visions From a Madman (Part 1 and 2)
  3. A Falling Star Knows No Bounds (Part 1 and 2) 
  4. The Blue and Gold in Her Eyes(Part 1 and 2) 
  5. A Viel Drawn Before the Stars (Part 1 and 2) 
  6. The Wolf and the Whore (Part 1 and 2)
  7. A Kiss Before a Full Moon 
  8. “Gifts aplenty, jewels a many” 
  9. Playing the Part
  10. Crooked Knee Inn
  11. A Test of Wills
  12. “I Claim you, M’amyr”
  13. The Legend of Maero’n
  14. King of Kings
  15. The Ones Left Behind
  16. Prophecy
  17. The Silk Trade
  18. Moon Festival
  19. A M’Ysurria is Born
  20. Letters Home

The Exiled Island of the Fey (a work in progress)

The Histories of the Four Kingdoms~


~The Histories of the Four Kingdoms~

“The Four Kingdoms is a collective of war-mongering kingdoms that suckle on the teat of the destitute and applaud the false accolades of the affluent”

Dr. Cristobel Agadel, entry from Introspective Musings on Monarchism


The great Aestha nation lies in the North as the largest country in the Four Kingdoms. The founders were originally travelers from the Far West who took over and intermingled with the natives.  King Bror is the current ruler, descendant from Atlas, the first King. The Aesthan people believe in one god: Olliah. Creator of the Aesthans, Olliah fashioned his race in his image. In his teachings, Olliah preaches the belief of ruling over one’s emotions and preserving the innocence of childhood. Since the Treaty of Chrysanthemums, a proclamation that settled the strife between Aestha and Mycea, the two kingdoms have channeled their ire towards more profitable and enlightening ventures.


The jewel of the Four Kingdoms, Mycea rests perilously between Aestha and Rhageon. Dissimilar from its neighbors, Mycea has been praised for its temperate weather, sweeping aesthetic beauty, and a beauteous season of autumn they call Betrixoa–in honor of the trees that bear cobalt blue leaves. The ancestors of Mycea were weary Aesthan travelers who grew weary of the bitterly cold kingdom of Aestha and turned their eyes towards the previously untouched country. Daniel Rhyse de Cliousa became the first King of Mycea with the help of his cousin Lucian Rhyse Bastille, who is celebrated for his conquest in war with the natives. The de Cliousa royal family has reined supreme for hundreds of years. King Harold is now ruler alongside his Aesthan wife, Suzette. In Mycea, they believe in God who created the Myceans in his righteous image. The royal family is distinct, solely permitted to wear their hair long, thus citizens are forced to cut their hair when reaching maturity.


Dominated by the great Beser Desert that claims at least one-fifth of the country’s geography, Rhageon is a fiercely beautiful kingdom that is rumored to be named after a dragon. Many are daunted the harsh desert but there are some who brave the heat for the heavily protected gold, lapis lazuli, and diamond mines. The Rhageon people believe in many gods and that the gods first created the First Race, the Fey, then soon after, the Rhageons. Women are seen as equals and their ruler Warlord Torien, who succeeded after his predecessor Rhamik, is silver-haired and rumored to be able to change into the shape of a giant Wolf.


A mysterious kingdom that long ago closed off its borders, Frysessa is secluded in the dense mists and thick trees of Ranamis Jungle. Frysessa continues to trade mainly for profit but turns away all visitors. Because of their secretive ways, their religion and ways of life remain unknown, though the current King Raul has been rumored to make recent contact with Warlord Torien. The Frysessa people are also rumored to have an alliance with the Fey, the reasons unidentified.

Death Island

Death Island is the forsaken kingdom of the Fey. After an Aesthan scientist discovered a way to kill the magic-wielding Fey, the Fey fled to the island to find solstice and protection. The island is now warded by the strongest of Fey warriors and guarded by savage, man-eating mermaids, a sea dragon, wyverns, and various other mythical beasts.



Language Guide


Tolla-greetings, hello (formal)

Tilla-hi, hey (informal)

A li-I’m/ A lie-I am



ih’e– you’re/ ihe-you are



son’e-they’re/ son e-they are


Adi– I’d/ A di-I do
















s’Ysurria-his/her Queen

m’Ysurria-my Queen (reserved only for King/Nysurria)


S’Nysurria– his/her King/Warlord

m’Nysurria-my King/Warlord (reserved only for Queen/ Ysurria)

Genrys-Second-in-command, right hand man to Warlord, a great honor

Sthor-Lord/ Sthoa-Lady

Cris-Sir/ Tcris-Madam




Random terms:



m’preci(o/a)- my precious, endearment

Strilla-silk dress (for young girls), frilly with ribbons and beads

Sullari- dresses for men- can be practical with tights or trousers or fashionable with tights and adorned,

Nymia numus– Sweet dreams

pesissido– dismissed (a command)



Betroxia-Autumn/ blue leaves