Poetry, writing


how did i find the 
strength to be used 
by you? wounded 
by a cycle that
 refuses to break,
i gave you a chance, 
no wait, three. three chances 
to prove that you were 
worthy of me. liar. 
you are now obsolete. 
what’s more tragic, that 
i forgave you or i 
expected you to reach 
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  to earn my love 
is to walk with caution; 
one false move and 
ill spiral. a diamond
 whose insides are like
 glass, im both hard 
and soft. venture, i 
am willing, discover why
 i cry when i’m the most 
happy. to love me is to
 earn an eternal sunrays,
to haunt me, is to earn 
my… Continue reading fealty



  <self-destructive behavior: outward versus inward> i suppose, there are two types of self-destructive people:  those who implode and those you explode. those who implode, are the type who silently fight a battle within themselves. they bottle up their emotions, put masks up to assure others that they are okay, and in more extreme cases,… Continue reading self-destructive



maybe in another life, you could have been mine; maybe in another life, you could have access to all my secrets. The key to my heart, my thighs, my lips, I wonder what you would have sampled first? Would you have devoured me with nothing but tongues and lips? Would you have laughed and grabbed… Continue reading maybe