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It was remiss, how the taste Of you on my lips, drew me in, Drowned me in unending bliss. It should be unfair, how sweet You came to me; soft kisses That disappeared on my skin like mist, You licked my wounds like tears, Flowers petals appeared, where Pain whet like stabbing fears. you pushed, ...


cherry-lime may the sunset bless you throughout time, your visage becomes alive when the sun sets and the water bleeds cherry-lime. i trace love letters onto your stomach with sand, the sun bakes you, yet you bask in the limelight. you arch your back and spread your thighs with a precarious hand, you moan in ...


you are more than desire, you are more than lust, the tang of pleasure is addicting, i know but you must pace yourself unless you will become lost.

Sweet, sweet water

  sweet, sweet water bathe me in remembrance. trickle down my smooth, smooth skin, until I am heavy with fullness. push past my puckered lips, a seal broken by Genesis. baby, I do not want to hurt, no, I do not want to hurt no more. the water took my mama, my daddy, my future ...


I lost myself in the thralling tides, The mystique of the sands, And the bearded man of Time. Enthralled with legends, ballads and myths About girls with dark eyes And bandits who crave one wish. The twinkling stars told me lies, And the night bled magenta A thick, sweet dye- Promising to fulfill a vendetta, ...

Before your very eyes–

I knew that pain, Was arbitrary Before your very eyes– Kisses never tasted So heaven-sent Until I met you. The intergalactic, cosmic Wondrous encounter Of me and you– Falling stars with only one purpose: Love. We knew that love was risky business in the eyes of others, But we kept steady during recalcitrant turbulence that ...


An Apple made of glass

She bit into an Apple made of glass, The fragments slicing her tongue, Her blood enhancing the poignant flavors As she chewed and crunched with cautious vigor. Shards dug into the walls of her mouth, A river of blood seeping past her lips, Her teeth grinding the glass into fractures, The pieces sparkling- sifting through ...

In his fractured eyes,

In his fractured eyes, She knew love was alive, And cynicism faded inevitably with time.


Sonnet #665

A heady, deep-seated twang of deceit clouds shift to mimic the minds third eye, Mist spills like milk, across the clotted, seedy streets. The grotesque bend as they intentionally blind, images flicker as doubt settles, A dead boy and girl dance in the moonlight, Curious fingers that mischievously mettle, The world dark and dangerous, absent ...

Foretellings from one of the Fey

A rustling in the shrubs Alerts me to astounding wonder Could it be a momma bear with her cubs? Curiosity strikes me like yellow-white thunder. The day had fallen and the moon hung- A silver smudge, a sickly sickle Behind the witchy smog, thick with mug A backdrop against my stark curiosity-tickles as a wee ...

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