Poetry, Romantic

me without you

there is no me without you;
 my dreams have always been
 about you; anointed, i am 
dizzy, i fall asleep with a smile 
on my face. reluctant, i wake up
 angry because i was ripped 
away from you; your embrace 
is all i need. tangible quandaries 
disappear and words like i 
love remain corporeal. you… Continue reading me without you

Poetry, Romantic

i wish

i wish you could see that i understand that there is more to life than pleasantries. you shy from me; i am a crackling fire, if you were to lean over, would you welcome my flames? im falling for you, but will you flee and leave?🌲

Poetry, Romantic

potential in you

  I saw potential in you; even when I should have fled. yes, I want you, taking me, eating me, licking me up and down and down, in bed, but I wanted more than pleasure soaked sessions, 18 messages from your boys because I'm-fresh- out-the-shower-action; I saw you as something more, more than society perceived,… Continue reading potential in you

Poetry, Romantic

weeping candles

she shivered when you left the door open. every whisper and snicker, kept her awake. she tossed and turned, crossed her legs and prayed. she thought of you, candles weeping in the late, she prayed for your wellbeing, your health, she prayed for strength; the candlelight, burned her hair, the scent carried like ripe dates.… Continue reading weeping candles

Poetry, Romantic

conversation and connection

<conversation and connections> We don't say much when we are together; the world could collapse around us,
the stars could fall like raindrops, and the moon could pierce the sun and even then, 
golden silence, has become a silver lining in my noisy heart.
Who could have known that the less said, says the most? 
Who… Continue reading conversation and connection