Poems Based on Flowers, Poetry


things are not what they seem; tangled roots and spirally stems, boast a bouquet of blossoms so harmless, they are scary. tread carefully, whispers the leaves, watchful and aimless, each blade of grass trembles at my mane of yellow petals and sweet- tasting rain. i am everlasting, i am forgotten in place of cheaper names,… Continue reading buttercup

Poems Based on Flowers, Poetry


  devour me whole, i do not wish to linger on your lips. rip me apart and swallow me until nothing of me remains. i want to join you, become an irrevocable part of you; let’s share the same skin, i will pump your blood, and cleanse your senses, let us become one, not two,… Continue reading chrysanthemum

Poems Based on Flowers, Poetry, Romantic

bleeding heart

plumpy and tender like a bleeding heart, she dripped truth from her lips like milk and honey. rosettes dot the surface; slowly, sin coats her lips, he could not help but turn her chin and take a lazy sip. with the flick of the tongue, and a promise that lingered like a phantom breeze, they… Continue reading bleeding heart