horror, Poetry


  a hollow sound resonates now when i brush my knuckles on my bedroom walls. an absent echo floods my ears like bleach. discarded snowflakes flutter to the ground as i claw and scratch. the woman behind the walls screams in terror as I try in vain to free her. she wails like a banshee… Continue reading Trapped

horror, Poetry

Rancid and candid even in death,

  Rancid and candid even in death, fate pushed me in the righteous path– impatient to steal my breath. the rush of wings clouded my mind as I trained my receptors front and center:  disastrous desire! a faint whistle tickles my neck, as the fatal quake of rigor mortis, rips away sensibility and dignity. A… Continue reading Rancid and candid even in death,

horror, Poetry

The Messenger

From the heavens, A messenger springs true. An eager volunteer, the droplet plummets valiantly, a whistle of wind before impact. –splash drip, drop may you never hope to reach the inner depths of my mind. Front and center, A scene of great tragedy and anticipation blinds my eyes. A body coated in rainwater, rivets my… Continue reading The Messenger

horror, otherworldly

She is wicked, wicked, wicked–

She is wicked, wicked, wicked– a crone desperate for the smoothness of youth, a rounded, maiden craving the tang of lust, and a doe-eyed child who cackles alone in the dark. When she emerges from ash wolfbane dripping from her sickle-pale flesh, she will muddle the minds of men, so their shrewish wives will never question, why… Continue reading She is wicked, wicked, wicked–

horror, Structured

An Apple made of glass

She bit into an Apple made of glass, The fragments slicing her tongue, Her blood enhancing the poignant flavors As she chewed and crunched with cautious vigor. Shards dug into the walls of her mouth, A river of blood seeping past her lips, Her teeth grinding the glass into fractures, The pieces sparkling- sifting through… Continue reading An Apple made of glass