Fantasy, horror, otherworldly

Topaz–Part One

  Because I am so focused on writing my book, I have put other projects on hold. Sometimes I will find old writings of mine and wish I could find the time to finish. I got struck with inspiration one day and wrote feverishly for hours until this idea came into form. Here is a… Continue reading Topaz–Part One

Fantasy, otherworldly

I desire her like no other,

I desire her like no other, she is like a lake– I wish to fully submerge myself in her clean waters. Flesh melting, dripping like droplets, I lap at her earthy essence, humidity clinging to my aching bones, seer-touched eyes and pouty lips drive me mad as I take from her– I bit into her,… Continue reading I desire her like no other,

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Before the Stars

A spiraling nebula, unfurling, blooming magentas and daunting cyans- A tale of intergalactic passion, lusty voyages, rugged advances, Star-crossed loves; before the stars, a green girl with A brush of stardust in her eyes And lies, fragrant and heavy on each and every taste bud. Lies were her weapon, naivety her choice of drug- Passionless murmurs,… Continue reading Before the Stars


Petals Falling Like Stars

Petals falling like stars A fate much fortunate, The date most peculiar to the unwarranted event, Trees, twisted and grotesque, bear gold fruits, with zesty skins and bitter, thick juices. Crimson clotted on cracked lips, And eyes rimmed with black tears Saltless and swimming with tar and rosemary, She slovenly danced in the spritz of laughing… Continue reading Petals Falling Like Stars


The Land of Sprawling Colors

Waters that flow with vibrant colors, clouds painted like candies, a fantastical world with whimsical dreams and besotted girls with hair the color of dragon fruit and eyes like fallen stars. Symbols of every shape and color decorate their flesh– bewitching as the orange sky sweetens to a passionate tangerine– copper skin glows and blue lips… Continue reading The Land of Sprawling Colors