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i spy

i spy a forgotten dress, drapped over an off-white mannequin with only one hand. frills and bows, tulle and a stubbed noes, these dresses seem more like ghosts; hovering over the living and begroaning their forsaken fate. forgotten but found, i spy a kaleidoscope of butterflies woven into a moth eaten gown... 👗 Advertisements

W.E.B DuBois

growing up biracial✨ it was at this moment where i began to struggle with self-identity. am i white/black enough? why couldn’t i be both? as an adolescent, people’s comments would frustrate me and i would unconsciously do things to appease them. i just wanted to be like everyone else-i never wanted to be treated differently. ...

she lies beside me

she lies beside me tangled in expired dreams and pristine bedsheets. she sleeps, stubbornly, a question puckered beside her cheek: will my good deeds be met with a cure, to this loneliness that resides inside of me like a cold, cellar door? she tosses, she turns, she kicks, she coughs, and while i sit beside ...

love is an illusion

love is an illusion and i’ve been lost in the desert for centuries. scorpions prick at my feet yet i tread on- desperate to find my oasis, my love, my one-and-only? but what if love is a lie and i have bound myself to a lonely existence? a life of waiting by the pier, waiting ...

nights were once the loneliness

nights were once the lonelinesses of times until i shut my eyes and saw that the moon is always there, present, when when the sky is bright. an omnipotent being hovering over my deeds, my pleas and the rare weakness of greed; i knew that there was time to grow, to change, to allow others ...

almost like magic

the light caresses wonder and a tender emotion in your eyes. it’s almost like magic when the sun sifts through the wavering eddies of ether and smog to shine so brilliantly, it’s blinds✨

April Books <3

Can’t wait to read these💕✨ 📚🌙children of blood and bone by tony adeyemi -So far, it is AMAZING! 📚why a poem? by @criesofaith💕 📚death by poetry by @deathbypoetry

el dorado

night-bloomer is finished! 🌙now the editing process and final arrangements begin💕 in the meantime, check out my first book inflorescence! Link in the bio 🌸

i’m ready for spring

gather me in your palms and dust pollen underneath my eyes. spring grabs you by the feet; yawning buds stretching, the sun peaking from beneath a heavy cloud, and the earth, the earth is soggy and springy and green, and laughing. i'm ready for spring, for change, for me to take flight, for me to ...

buttery spring

buttery spring has come to lick it’s cracked lips. buds are beginning to poke their heads from behind nature’s bosom. and me? me, im soaking it all in. the harmony; a concert of wide smiles and insects that shutter at night. pay the pipper to play my favorite song. lay your hair down and let ...

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