i retired from the earth

i retired from the earth and now i look to the stars: sole audience to my strife, i weep with a clap of thunder, lightening strikes to catch the first tear, and i dance with the moon until I am dizzy because the truth is here.  

Poems Based on Flowers, Poetry


things are not what they seem; tangled roots and spirally stems, boast a bouquet of blossoms so harmless, they are scary. tread carefully, whispers the leaves, watchful and aimless, each blade of grass trembles at my mane of yellow petals and sweet- tasting rain. i am everlasting, i am forgotten in place of cheaper names,… Continue reading buttercup


sights never heard

a lack of pain, hope, joy in the midst of a rowdy crowd, smells i’ve never tasted, sights never heard, i am empty. empty not broken; broken can be repaired, sealed off with cement, but empty, empty is a state where you try in vain to fill this hole but you lose yourself in the… Continue reading sights never heard



Mecca-Amirah Jackson

I declare war on the stars
who continue to plague me with
answers to questions without margins.
Do the celestial beings way up above
pity us mortals whose wings
were clipped eons ago?
downcast and reticent, I withdraw
with each phase of the moon–
my righteous anger
boiling past boiling point.
Does the moon and her cohorts
mock us as we fail to grace her presence?
Engine fuel set aflame with dinosaur waste,
Is like a garden blooming with entrenched furrows
budding with delphinium monstrosities and
reluctant pupils. A bowed head with sprinkles
of hair, pale as a cistercian moon, and encapsulated
in the arched fang of a perpetual fiend, I journey past
the mundane and the monotonous limpid flow
of Life’s derision. If I close my eyes,
will I ever forget the melancholy taste of night?
Prevail, prevail! Send my loyal soldiers
swaddled in wolf’s fur and cow dung…

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Pain, Love, Depression, and Joy

Mecca-Amirah Jackson


“Everyone has written about pain; what makes it unique to you?”

My pain is early, unbeknownst to my psyche until I
became misinformed and mislead through others ambivalence.

My pain levitates in the middle of two races.
My pain is centuries long, my pain is past skin, hair, features, curves.
My pain flickers and solidifies.

My pain is antagonized by both men and women.
Men continue to to take from me–
pressuring me to shape to their ideals,
to spread my soft, thick thighs
to their ready, thin lips.
Women’s words, barbed and poisonous, trickle into
my blood–coursing through my body until I have become
leadened with the words, until the words spit out of me–
replacing my pleasantry with fermented hate.

“Everyone has written about Love; what makes it unique to you?”

Love is the hardest feeling–element–soul-searching entity– to describe
because it transcends through time and common…

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i had to become less, to become more

i had to digress to progress. i had to become less, to become more. i suffered alone to allow others to see my growth. i shine brighter, to make up for the times i cried even harder. i became me; from the cocoon I sprouted wings dancing in glitter. in times of insanity, i grew… Continue reading i had to become less, to become more

inflorescence, Poetry

love should taste like

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My Curls Understood Review

Mecca-Amirah Jackson

I just received my box from My Curls Understood. This is my first time subscribing for a hair product, so I am so excited to try everything out.

Look how cute the box is! I really enjoyed the layout of the website and how easy it is to follow along. I choose to do the personalized box, which gives you the option to take the hair quiz.

The hair quiz is fun to do! I love the idea of finding the perfect product designed for your hair type. Because I am biracial (Norwegian, Polish, Austrian, German, and African American), I have always had difficulties finding hair products tailored for my naturally curly hair.

Growing up, my mom, who is white, did not know how to properly take care of my hair so when it came to my hair, it has been a test trial until recently. I use to…

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