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I wonder what he dreams of…

I wonder what he dreams of... Do they keep them up at night, like mine do? Colors, oh, how much I love colors! Do your dreams appears as vivid as mine? Can you taste the ocean? The salt, the brine, the kiss of waves on your feet, does it feel the same way? What are your… Continue reading I wonder what he dreams of…

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A Fallacy

It’s not love if you feel empty inside, unworthy, ugly, undeserving, ashamed, a myriad of dark emotions that causes depression. a strain to your mental health, anxiety, fear, self-hatred, pain, a dreaded, heavy darkness that surpasses the loving, the kisses, the hand holding, the cuddling, the manipulated, rushed declarations of love, the love letters, the… Continue reading A Fallacy

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a kiss shared by lovers–

a kiss shared by lovers can be the remedy, the panacea to the most tender, agonizing wounds. Gentle caresses can salve the deepest, roughest of burns, and the sweet, sweet embrace of a reunion followed by messy tears and tinkling laughs,  can erase the shadows engulfing your heart within the passing of a wink.

Midnight thoughts, Poetry, Thoughtful

I dream of a man–

I dream of a man shrouded by shadows; am I not a victim of desire, wanton for a man fashioned in nightmares? I am only mortal yet my choices tests my red blood sweetened by apples and poisoned by eyes led astray. I try to lead a life brightened by sun rays and happy, go-lucky… Continue reading I dream of a man–