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Just love

Love when the lights are Off and the music has gone silent. Love when the room is empty. Love when you are standing Alone in front of the mirror. Love when you smile awkwardly, Love the stretchmarks That trace your skin lovingly. Love the little fat On your stomach, Shimmy and wiggle and Love the… Continue reading Just love

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Everyone: How are you feeling today? Me: anxious and self- conscious. Everyone: Oh? (Taken aback) Me: yeah. I feel life is crashing down on me. Like I'm in the middle of the ocean and I'm drowning. There is not enough air yet my lungs keep on working. I put so much pressure on myself that… Continue reading conversations

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my womb is not my own;

Like Eve, I fell, And like Lilith, I am punished. My womb is not my own; Pale hands caress and judge As I spread my thighs with my  own authorization; my womb is not my own; Pain wrecks havoc inside of me, I curl Up like the fetus inside me; my womb is not my… Continue reading my womb is not my own;

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What Happens When Annie Learns About Puberty?

  Hey! For my Reproductive Rights class we have to present a Civic Engagement (Activism) Project. I could have chosen a bunch of other approaches but I liked the idea of spreading knowledge of puberty and sex education through my blog. While in my classes, it shocked me learning that so many teenagers and even… Continue reading What Happens When Annie Learns About Puberty?