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<goodbye> it pains me to think this, write this, but i have decided to part with you. leave you behind in my vivid fantasies because as the days stretch long and inviting, nights sleepless with longing, you are devastating me. it’s not your fault, of course. you never knew the consequences of your smile but ...


<sunrise> When I'm with you, the sky looks so alive. A pocket of heaven before us and even then, I only need to look at you to see the sunrise. @amateur_poet

but i didn’t listen

<but i didn’t listen> Love me enough to stay, love me enough to leave, you told me it was silly to dream outside the four walls of your heart. you told me to clip my wings, you lied and said the world wont accept a girl who follows her heart and strays from reality and ...

our stories

<our stories> We tell stories through our hair, 
we trade secrets through every 
curl and wave. Comb through 
the middle part and twists the roots, 
just how I like. Tell me when you 
were young and silly as you 
smooth my edges with gel.
Cluck your tongue at me and 
tell me to sit still as ...


<heaven-sent> we dance around the subject, so misguidedly. you want me, i want you, i want to rest my thighs over your face and watch as you lap my at my secrets like a drowning man. i want you to take me without abandon, hair pulling, as you choke me without any hands. prowling through ...

like a flower

<like a flower> I love flowers; because they remind Me of you; every time I walk By I trip, stutter, bend down, And grip you. I lean down to lick at the stem, I press you to my cheek Because you understand; you Understand that I need peace, You worry over the stagnant Patterns of ...

daffodils and daydreams

<daffidols and daydreams> I want to give you my love, and everything in between.
 If only you weren't a daydream, 
I would tell you these things: I love that I can love you so easily, so necessarily, so simply, even when it's from afar; on the other side of the bar, from the crest in ...

are you man enough?

  <are you man enough?> you claim you can handle me; the heat, that burns my eyes, the thighs that takes up pauses, the way my breasts draw you closer like a flame; you want to devour me, is this true? you want to lick up all of my secrets because this is what you ...

never again

<never again> I pushed you away because in your eyes, i was unsure if i saw my own salvation or ruin. i pushed you away because you make me feel alive. i haven’t felt like that in years. And last time i did, i was utterly, tragically, ruined. never again.   @amateur_poet

Chapter 1: She Who Expels the Light~PART 2

Growing up, I would read stories about princesses and wonder, were they ever sad? Yes, they were brave, yes they were beautiful, but did they ever feel like me when I cried? Did they ever go down on their knees and pray to God, for him to take the pain away? Ana did and so ...

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