My Curls Understood Review

I just received my box from My Curls Understood. This is my first time subscribing for a hair product, so I am so excited to try everything out.

Look how cute the box is! I really enjoyed the layout of the website and how easy it is to follow along. I choose to do the personalized box, which gives you the option to take the hair quiz.

The hair quiz is fun to do! I love the idea of finding the perfect product designed for your hair type. Because I am biracial (Norwegian, Polish, Austrian, German, and African American), I have always had difficulties finding hair products tailored for my naturally curly hair.

Growing up, my mom, who is white, did not know how to properly take care of my hair so when it came to my hair, it has been a test trial until recently. I use to perm my hair as well, which ridiculously damaged it to the point I had to cut it almost all of. Thankfully, I have been making progress with my hair and have discovered routines and products that have been helping me maintain my curly fro.

With the Natural Hair Movement going on, I wish I would have grown up in a time where women of color have learned to embrace their natural curls.

The Quiz asks for: your basic information, your hair texture (coily, curly, kinky, and wavy), how you wear your hair (naturally curly, transitioning, locs, straight/blowouts, weaves/braids, twists), and various other hair specific questions. I also love how there are helpful images along with the questions.

The owner, Sylvia, put this in the box! How cute 🙂

So many goodies! I thought this was a good deal for the price–$26.99

* Simply Curls: Coconut oil & Shea butter
* Miss Jessie’s: Curly Pudding
* Royal Breeze: hair and scalp spritzer
* Paul Mitchell: Smoothing –(I am so excited for this, it should be illegal)
* Pink:  oil moisturizer hair lotion
* Paul Mitchell: spring loaded frizz-fighting conditioner
* Curl Keeper: ultimate hold with frizz control

For one of my “hair issues”, I noted how I had problems with frizziness. I like how most of the products are tailored for my needs.

I love how most of these product are designed for  women who wear their hair natural rather than straight. Most of the time, I do wear my hair naturally curly and I have been learning to embrace the look. For most of my life, I have worn my hair straight and would spend hours doing it weekly. The damage to my hair was horrendous and in result, my hair never grew. Learning about new products is exciting for me because it encourages me to accept myself and my hair.

I totally recommend this product! 5 Star Rating

*Also, you do not need to be African American or a woman of color to purchase this product. I have a friend is Italian/Irish and her hair is as thick and curly as mine.

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